Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pixi Beauty - Pure Natural Love

I introduced a make up artist friend of mine (Maria) to this brand, gosh it has to be a good few years ago now. They first opened just over 10 years ago with their flagship store in London Soho just off Carnaby Street. I remember the first time I entered the store I met a lady called Amanda who at that time worked at the store but introduced herself as PR and happens to be one of the leading forces behind the brand together with owner and make up artist of more than 20 years Petra Strand and developed this very unsung make up hero in my eyes. The brand more recently is gaining momentum and you will notice it now more more in the likes of Elle, Vogue, Marie-Claire and celeb endorsements etc.

I have key ones I use, but I have always loved their concept. I needed a replacement for some Pout products and Pixi fitted that with its kitch quirky girliness but also products that also worked day to day that were not from the normal department stores or your local Superdrug or Boots - however the have now gone into some larger Boots Stores ..... I screamed a big FAT NOOooo what are you doing ... wwwwhhhhyyy!!!! it so didnt work for Jemma Kidd Make Up it seems so wrong for them to be there in my eyes but thats because I see it bigger than Boots, it could be and will be I am sure a brand that will be as great as Stila and Becca, nice niche make up brand that offer something for the everyday woman with class and definitive quality.

I was happy when Maria said she was going to stock Pixi as I mean I did introduce her to it and I knew it would be a hit for her and I now want to let you know about the key pieces I believe you should try from Pixi Beauty.

Voluptuous Lashes Mascara - I had been losing my lashes as I was trying so many I think my lashes freaked out!!! I decided to try Pixi's mascara nourishing mascara which promotes thick, healthy lashes and rich in colour and I am a mascara fiend I have hundreds in so many colours I could set up a mascara website... oooh maybe I should, well back to the mascara, it does proved great colour and is rich and has helped replenish my lashes. I particularly like the silicone lash wand never over loads and gathers at the end like alot of them and provides my lashes with great coverage and length. I layer colour quite alot as I love rich dark voluptuous lashes... oooh just like the name and this is one I will be keeping in my kit and my own make up bag. Fragrance and paraben free, 100% natural active complex which contains 2 forms of plant Alge which helps stimulate lash growth. Suitable for the most sensitive eyes. £14.00

Next up is the Flawless Finishing Powder, I only recently well in the last month started to used this in No.0 Translucent (the only one they have at the mo) I do also wear Chanels' Vita Lumiere foundation and wanted a powder that gave me lasting coverage but didn't diminish the luminosity from my foundation this powder compact I would say is a good contender at the moment for me. It comes in the Pixi apple green colour compact that has a little draw where the sponge applicator lives and it has a cute frame design on the mirror in the compact, makes you kind of really look at your face more not in a vain way well not me anyway, I am sure there are many out there .... you know who you are! I mean I like checking myself (we are all a little vain)and others out and I hate shine and I mean real shine not the appropriate luminous dew look which I generally have on every day, love being dewy. This powder provides the coverage I need smooth, not at all cakey or leave, develop a creased talc layer after a hour or so, and doesn't throughout the day build up in the areas you dont want it to like in those areas when you reach my age lines have decided to appear, so all in all at the mo it is a hit wth me. It contains skin benefical ingredients like Mala’kite which is a semi-precious stone rich in copper, heals, protects, helps reverse signs of ageing, Hyaluronic Acid to help plump up fine lines, Vit E thickens skin and improves elasticity others to help protect you skin against pollution and retain moisture. £16.00

The final key product I am going to mention, I do use alot myself and do have in my kit is the Pixi Sheer Base Foundation, for all skin types but I would caveate that as this is not a brand for darker skin tones. I have dehydrated skin like many of us and this really works for me but I do use a great moisturiser and Primer (Pixi's). I have heard many people say that they believe it is similar to Chanels Vita Lumiere, just not as luminous but still provides you with a healthy glow, natural finish, I would tend to agree with that comment. For shoots I layer it for more coverage but as an everyday foundation it goes on super easy, blends well and sinks into the skin evening out your skin tone and easy to build up where required. I use No.2 at the moment and mix it with No.3 when I have abit more colour. I generally apply with a foundation brush and them smooth over with my fingertips as this personally works for me and it generally  lasts all day for me which is what we all want so win win there Ms Pixi! I will not be without this in my own make up bag. £23.00

Now I should mention Pixi Beauty make up kits and their latest addition is called the "Week of Make Up" Kit, any girl would be happy with this versitile kit and it is at a riduculous price of £25 (thats a GOOD ridiculous) it has 21 eyeshadows, 7 cheek powders and 8 lip glosses how great is that! your all in one make up kit... your make up week completely sorted, love it.

Pixi Beauty products provide you with a range of innovative formulations that are infused with natural ingredients beneficial to your skin today and in the future. Go in and visit Head make up Artist Maria Giles and her team at GlamR and get a make over and play with the products, its the only way you really now if you will like them and promise you will.

Visit GlamR's new larger amazing store on Oulten Road, Lowestoft opens Feb 26th 2011 or the online store GLAM.R to learn more. Go and see head make up artist and owner Maria Giles and her team at GlamR to get a fab make over and play with the products, its the only way you really now if you will like them and I promise you will.


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