Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Its back again this season…. as it was in 2009, we just can’t get enough of it!


We all love glamour and gold optimises glamour, think to all those brands we love they generally have a GOLD collection or gold within their branding.. YSL, Chanel, Burberry and not forgetting gold reflects by the wonderful MAC, gold  just has to be once again make a key feature of your make up wardrobe.

I remember when a makeup artist friend of mine was so obsessed with putting gold eye shadow on me for a new look she was trying out, oh my days it was heavenly , I personally live in the traditional black only with occasion MAC reflects Smokey eye adore everything about the Smokey eye, those of you who know me will know my obsession with liner and mascara so adding in gold was like a complete no no for me personally but it was fabulous – she actually was the very makeup artist that inspired me to follow in her footsteps…. so if you have blue eyes, as I do,  it totally makes your eyes pop out and is a beautiful enhancement to the traditional Smokey eye, it adds drama and sophistication perfect for this seasons looks.

  • Dior – Timeless Gold Nail Varnish, Gold Edition 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Set (new evening gold collection)
  • Make Up Store (Westfield) – Gold Digger Eye Pencil, Gold Glow eye shadow
  • MAC – Gorgeous Gold eye shadow, Reflects Gold
  • Chanel - Gold (aptly named) eye shadow

Go gold crazy this season M&E xx