Saturday, 7 January 2012

 Unwrap the new inner you this year 2012

 With these long winter months and heating keeping us nice and warm, our skin is our biggest organ that holds our beautiful selves together! Distressing our skin from one temperature to another we should give back some thanks by starting this year with a fresh approach.

Here are some handy tips and advice to get you started on bringing out that inner glow.

Tip 1 - Eat healthily. Diet is an absolute essential to healthier looking skin, eat a diet that is rich in anti oxidants, packed with fresh fruit and green vegetables and plenty of fresh water.

Tip 2 - Cleanse, tone and moisturise - By not having a regular 3 step routine a dullness in complexion can occur and pores can become clogged.

Cleanse: to make sure your make up is taken off correctly to avoid a build up of impurities and a break out.

Tone: to restore your skins natural PH level of 5.5

Moisturise: Always moisturise your skin, even the most oiliest of skins need to be moisturised to protect from all the elements (cold, sun protection, UV and Wind)

Tip 3 - Sleep is an essential for beautiful skin, cell renewal turn over is higher at night while we are resting, your routine will help you relax and unwind before you hop into bed for a touch of beauty sleep.

GlamR’s recommendations

For the most sensitive of skins: Pai skincare
Camellia and Rose cleanser with hot cloth bursting with omega 3 and vitamins A, B, C and E. £20.00

Pai moisturiser: Camomile and Rose hip for sensitive skin to Sooth and protect Rich with omega 3 and 6 and anti inflammatory properties. £22.00

                                                                                                     For all skin types: NEW Bare Minerals skin care range 100% pure rare minerals active soil complex.
Formulated without any parabens, synthetic fragrances and artificial oils

Award winning deep cleansing foam


Purely nourishing cream perfect for dry skin                  or combination skin                

Pure transform night treatment for those who want to go to bed beautiful and wake up beautiful , it replenishes your skin while you sleep so you wake up to a fabulous natural luminous glow. £45.00

Darphin Skin Care
Arovita C Serum £58.00 
Use this serum at the very first signs of ageing for a more radiant and youthful look and feel to your skin. £27.90

Skin lacking hydration, Darphin Hydraskin serum is perfect for all skin types to quench your skins thirst. £58.00

Team it up with Darphin Hydraskin essential moisturising cream will leave your skin fresh and glowing with healthy hydration for 24 hours! £36.90