Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas window display at GlamR

 All started with a Sunday in the shop Me, Emma,  Rian and lots and lots of glitter and Polystyrene Reindeers Snow flakes and stars, with so much happy smiles, untill the Reindeers antlers kept on braking and glued the snow flakes together Ahhhhh, we were all covered in glitter, not the best look to have. So we dropped the glitter and went to the winelodge for a large glass of  wine and some lunch, when we went back hoping the Reindeers where dry, but oh NO!!
So we gave up on the glitter and started to dress the tree,
which was alot easier !!!!!

But it was all worth it we had so much fun,
and got in to the christmas spirit,
I got into the spirit a bit to much with to much wine.

These pictures show the finished results, which we have had some lovely feedback from our clients, and even the passing by dogs seem to be enjoying watching our train going round and round.
Merry Christmas Everyone.

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