Friday, 28 January 2011

Fancy feeling abit Moroccan...

...then have I got the product for you ... yeah yeah I know it has been in lots of mags and online but Maria has been going on about Moroccan Oil for so long I thought I would see what all they hype was about...the Maria hype and if you know Maria you know what I am talking about!!!!

So rather than just the normal try and test I have used this a number of times now as I am quite particular about what I use on my hair and I now feel I am ready to let you know what I feel about the supposed AMAZING product.

I have been trying out three of the Moroccan Oil Collection - Moisture Repair Shampoo, Conditioner and Moroccan Oil Treatment.

The shampoo certainly does create a nice creamy lather gently cleansing your hair while infusing it, with a most beautiful smell that I am still trying to associate to something from my childhood ... anyway I have noticed since now using it a few times I am now easily getting my fingers through my hsire even after shamppoing (if you saw my hair you would understand why I states this fact! (my BF nick names me bush head) so just on that the shampoo has won me over as well as the fact that people I have been working with lately have all been commenting on the shine on my hair ... bonus.

Now the conditioner - I am a conditioner fiend as I like most people have died my hair and have highlights all the time. I mean my hair was so bad the hairdresser took  a whole 5 inches off the last time I was there and I to be honest as you do try everything you can to make those pesky ends feel lovely and mose of all look as smooth as the rest of my locks!

Please dont do what I do and soak your hair in conditioner it really doesn't help and with this one you definately do not need alot about a 5-10p size depending on your length of hair as it does instatly smooth your hair, my fingers enjoyed the ease of movement and it will be great for my pocket as I wont be spending for a while on a conditioner as I will definately bee keeping this one in my bathroom cupboard.

Now the Moroccan Oil Treatment - my first experience of this was when I got soaked in the hail stone rain we had the other week and Maria put some in my hand to at least make me feel better as my hair was wet...drowned is more the word I would use and visiting make up stores looking like a drowned rate was not what I was looking thank you Maria for saving me from my bush head that would have definately appeared if I had not had it placed in my hands. It certainly made me feel better and my hair did not become a frizz ball. I have the small bottle version now and use it generally once a week to help tame my hair and provide it ith added protection, again you only need a small amount concentrating on your damaged ends and frizz, it leaves no residue so feels like it instantly absorbs which is nice as you know its soaked into that dry air of yours, so in turn doing its job!

If you want....who am I fooling; we all want lucious locks whatever length as we all want Cheryl Cole's hair; then definately try something from the collection and its is also nice to have something that is free of sulphates, phosphates and parabens, and super creamy.

If anyone can tell me what the smell reminds them of I would appreciate as it is seriously bugging me!  Visit our shop today 

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Vodka with that please.....

So as we all do, there is that bottle of vodka sitting in your cupboard, of course its always a new one.... we I always have loads of vodka happens to be a fav of mine for so many reasons and this is one of them! 

So those pesky pimples have decided to show and you are now not only cursing how much you ate over the festive period, I mean it is January the tourture yourself month! Fear not i have a little trick that I read about a few years ago that works wonders.... using the rest of the lemon juice dab with a cotton pad onto the pimple to dry it out, reduce size and time it happens to be on that beautiful face of yours - its so works and I totally live by it, natural love for your skin ready for all that beautiful product....

How to time!
Mix a quarter of a cup with juice of one lemon, now you should have some of those as we have all had this awful cold going round. Take a cotton pad/ball dab your vodka & lemon mix onto your face starting at the neck moving upwards to help refresh and tone up your tired skin. Works wonders and why not have a vodka why you are pampering yourself.


Love M&E xx

Sleek vs Illamasque

So christmas is passed and we are looking forward, well I am not sure about you lot to a skin break! My skin has decided to have a lovely breakout but my lemon mixture is working wonders.

We have another new product from Sleek Make Up the highstreet brand for young women providing us with some lovely pallets at fantastic prices with in some cases great pigmentation and colour choice (some I find do break up too much but thats me). BUT their latest edition is their Molten Metal Collection has now launched and finally viewable on their website (they so need to sort that out!) these are two new cream eye shadows, Pewter and Gold and Sleek states that they can be used on the cheek bones, lips and also as a highlighter personally not so sure about that for the everyday look maybe when I am hitting the a club or bar or working maybe I will go with a pewter look!

These lovely little numbers have been compard to the amazing brand Illamasque Liquid Metals, personally I can see a difference, Sleek I must admit have impressed me with the depth of colour, the smothness in application and when blending and amazingly they crease...but not as we know it, it is so slight you hardly notice and so easy to rectify in a split sec with your pinky. It will be priced at £6.99 so super resonable like all their other products.

Well done Sleek... I am converted (always loved the lippy personally Vixen being my fav).

Visit GlamR for all your Sleek make up loves.

M&E xx

The HOF has a new Apothecary... Rival or not to Rival

Is this a rival for Space NK??? Not so sure.... See the Press Release and my comments!

House of Fraser, the premium department store, launches Apothecary online. Apothecary is an exclusive new retail concept (personally not such a new concept but hey thats PR for you)

The Apothecary, a cutting edge beauty emporium, is a place where customers can discover new brands, with the opportunity to understand and experience the product in a relaxed environment. It is a beauty destination which will offer solutions to real-life problems, through a mix of contemporary, classic, niche and global brands, across cult and everyday products. (Space NK)

Apothecary seeks to meet the needs of the modern woman. From niche skincare, luxurious bath and body products to hair care and nails, everything is covered, even products for men. Combining existing brands such as Molton Brown, Laura Mercier and Xen Tan, with exclusive new brands Electric Body, Filorga, Ceveria Terenzi and Deborah Lippmann, there is something to meet every beauty need. House of Fraser has also introduced its own Apothecary Collection which has been specifically designed to complement the concept. oooohhh another thing like Space NK

The buying team at House of Fraser have worked with renowned fourth generation perfumer, Francois Robert to produce a selection of indulgent products that embody the essence of the Apothecary. Francois Robert has created a blend of exclusively selected fragrances including bergamot and lemon combined with the fresh, clean floral scents of Hyacinth and Fresia to lightly perfume skin or the home.

The range contains a body collection, hand collection, travel collection and a candle collection. Tracy Van Heusden, senior beauty buyer for House of Fraser said: "House of Fraser has such a great brand heritage and we wanted to draw on this to create a welcoming environment for our customers. We wanted to create a 'launch pad' area for brands and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. We aim to bring newness to our customer every season and we are already working on expanding our Apothecary Collection for 2011.'

Apothecary has now launched online and the products are available at, along with other luxury beauty brands, including Clinique and Laura Mercier and Kiehls.

I know its great and so may people love Space NK and a bit of competition never hurt anyone but something new here...not that I can see initally but lets wait and see it might reach an audince Space NK has not quite reach... the every day women!

Good luck HOF I will be testing and looking at the differences between you and the SPACE and the smaller offerings....

Be great to hear your feedback on your thoughts and experience of this another beauty site. I will always say GLAMR is the place to be talking about and to be!

M&E xx